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April 2017 Update
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    A happy Spring to the gLeagues faithful.
    We, the Admin staff, hope this messages finds you all to be Good & Gravy.

    For those who do not know me, I am Stephen “The New Guy” Hughes, Jr.

    I first met “ubetcha” in hl2dm. We slugged through that awful mess and then he started a ladder league for Quake Live back when it was still played in the web-browser. When Adobe or whoever put the kibosh on that in the name of ‘user security’ he decided that an Elo-based ladder league could be used for any game. I told him that it should be a website of user-empowerment – where anyone can play any game how they want and feel competitive doing so; and such a website should have a distinct feature set, which should include modifying any game, formula, or parameter however a player or community saw fit. After a few iterations, and a lot of offline headaches, here we all are.

    On a slightly personal note, I’m still impressed as to how much feedback has been received from the Q3:CPM community that nestled itself here and how much said feedback has helped bring the site along. I know every admin here appreciates the work being done over at the CPM ladder, but I just wanted to convey how all of my expectations for the CPM community have been pleasantly surpassed.

    Now then, listed here are some new site features I am sure most of you are now aware of – but alas – it’s my job to recount all changes and updates for our developer-in-chief:

    [ Website/Profile feature overview ]

    I, myself, had quite the chuckle (at ubetcha’s expense) when reviewing all the comments and ‘feedback’ he was inundated with at the CPM Discord-server about this ‘egregious’ issue. I expected the CPM turnout to be about 20 people, and as such, it would be easy to disseminate the fact that the time-zones were originally locked within the zone (GMT +6) where the website is hosted. But now, via your respective profiles, all players can set their time-zone and the site will automatically convert for each and every single challenge ticket. This seems like simple issue that should have been available on day-0, and that is true; however, it was actually NewGuy who advised ubetcha to wait on ironing out that code in favor of other ladder features … none of which are used in the CPM ladder. So, yeah, it was my fault folks, and I apologize for all the inconveniences it caused everyone. The timezone code ‘should’ be fully functional now, but if not, feel free to spam me in Discord about it. I’m the one who deserves any kind of derisive attitude. My bad y’all.

    SteamID integration:
    Unlike time-zone adjustments, this feature has been here since the 0-day. We use the same Valve-maintained verification tool as virtually all other ‘gaming league’ websites. From your profile, you access the SteamID field – provided you have not already linked your SteamID to your gLeagues account – and you are then redirected to (Valve.) Next, enter your respective login information in order for Valve to send our web-servers the “all-clear” signal. Then – through the wonders of interwebz magic – our website learns that you have legitimate use of a genuine steam account. The only information we receive from Valve is a simple ‘Yes/No’ with regards to your ‘genuine’ access to a valid steam account. This function is used for identification purposes and prevents aliasing, ghosting, or ‘smurfing.’ As you may have guessed, this feature is only used with ladders that are played within a Steam-hosted game. By default, no ladder automatically requires players to verify their SteamID, but we highly advise you enable this feature when creating/administrating your ladder.

    As of now, the only other SteamID tool we use is found at – and that is simply for ‘yellow-page’ indexing of a given steam account’s information. For example, here is my SteamRep page:

    Battle.tag integration:
    With Blizzard games/ladder support moving up the priority list, ubetcha has decreed that and BattleTag support be incorporated in the same way as our SteamID tracking/verification functions. Linking your BattleTag works somewhat like the respective SteamID process, but it’s far less refined. In this case, you – the player – manually enter your BattleTag in order to claim it. Blizzard hasn’t exactly streamlined this process just yet, but now that they have a legitimate competitive FPS on their hands, we expect more support here soon. Linking your BattleTag is not as concrete as it is with SteamIDs either. If something is broke with your BattleTag, do let NewGuy or ubetcha know about it. We will be sure to blame Pan1c immediately.

    Discord integration:
    This software has also impressed me greatly. I should have jumped on the Discord train back when b1nZy told me about it during the Reflex CTF update. We are all very excited about everything Discord can do and how easy it can make everything we want to accomplish. I can’t be more specific about our larger ‘Discord-Ambitions’ at the moment, as any new features are months away, but rest assured – it will be spiffy. As for now, you have the option in your profile settings to claim a Discord ID much the same way as you would for your BattleTag. Again, if you have issues, it is obviously Pan1c’s fault. But, just tell myself or ubetcha. You could also just yell at Pan1c directly, but sometimes he is eating pizza and is unavailable. He quite possibly could be an unused Ninja-Turtle that was rejected by various focus-groups. Something something Micheal Bay explosion.

    When you link your Discord ID (nickname) to your gLeagues profile, which – like all of these profile-features – can be found in Account Settings, it will be listed with your Profile and Avatar (in the “who’s online” section) and will disclose your status for Discord & gLeagues upon the mouse-over of your respective Avatar. Your Discord ID will also be displayed, but like all of these Account/Profile integration features – none are mandatory. I personally recommend using the Discord app itself and ‘securing’ your Discord privacy settings before you link it to gLeagues, so that you don’t receive random private messages and invites. If you choose to use this feature, registered gLeagues members can see what your Discord/gLeagues status currently is. The motivation behind this feature is streamlining the ‘play-now’ challenge feature, which will be officially rolled out in a month or so.

    Oh, and speaking of mouse-over effects, ubetcha coded some new ones for your Avatars in challenge tickets and of the like. They further assist registered users in viewing relevant information about players, games, and ladders in a more efficient manner.

    Finally, with regards to players and profiles, viewing a player’s match history within a ladder received an appropriate upgrade:

    [ Robot initiatives ]

    Discord Robotos:
    Remember when I said I couldn’t comment on our greater Discord ambitions? Well, it turns out I was being melodramatic. Truth is, ubetcha finds himself in the early alpha-stages of a custom gLeagues Discord bot that will (eventually) allow for direct gLeagues interactions. This can include challenging players, managing challenge tickets (maps and scheduling,) and even uploading ‘compfiles’ (screenshots, demos, etc.) to the gLeagues website through your Discord client. First step is to create custom bots that do not become self-aware. The larger (year-long) ambition would be a gLeagues Discord plugin, possibly through their Nitro feature. It’s all broad-strokes as of now, but I was told to let you all peer into our current mindset. Personally, I think this is gonna be some great stuff.

    Whilst speaking on bots, we had to remove one of our longtime members this past month. The Google Bot was a close friend of ours, especially Pan1c’s, and was here with us from almost the beginning. It gave relevance to our forum posts as it read every last one. Ultimately, we could only afford to have one creepy, clingy user around. It was a tough choice for ubetcha, but Pan1c brought the CPM community here, and the google bot brought nothing. RIP little g.

    Hmm. Am I salty because the community Pan1c brought in has been much, much more useful than the hl2dm players? Why yes – other NewGuy – I am.

    [ Beta team-play systems ]

    With Counter-Strike games and even Overwatch ladders on the coming horizon, ubetcha has dusted off the sections of the gLeagues code involving teams or team-play ladders. Currently, through profile modifications found in “Account Settings,” players can create teams & establish their primary team, can create and modify said “team’s” individual profile settings, and can control rosters as well as set private team passwords. It’s all the basic stuff that was hanging around in the attic of, and we feel it’s about time we put it all to use. In between the 2nd to 4th week of May, 2017 – we will launch team-play ladders in Red Faction Guerrilla and Unreal Classic. If anyone reading this finds themselves interested in playing either game, please set up a team and password so that you’re ready to go when full team support launches. As of right now, some of you know that you can create and register a ‘team’ username @ gLeagues and use that – but that ‘MacGyvered’ method will be replaced with a more native team-play feature soon. Also (a personal recommendation of mine) if you have not played Red Faction Guerrilla – you are going to like it. A lot. It is a very underrated project that is very enthralling and satisfying.

    [ The joint venture with ]

    Lastly, and most profitably, an old friend of of ours known as Will ‘Da11aS’ Burwell has officially agreed to a joint-venture with our Lord ubetcha to use gLeagues ladders to seed his cash-prized tournaments, all of which will be hosted at in the coming weeks. Dallas has been the community leader at everythingFPS for 7 years and the Warzone league for 3 years before that. He is also the team leader of the 911 community. Currently, Dallas is launching tournaments for hl2dm and other FPS games, but is very interested in putting up cash for a Q3:CPM tournament seeded after a ‘season’ on a CPM ladder. The proposed framework is a 2-month long ‘season’ with a month-long single or double elimination bracket. If any of you wish to make any inquires about eFPS or provide any feedback, please contact any one of the gLeagues admins – and Dallas is soon to be ordained as another gLeagues admin here soon. Good luck & have fun.

    I suppose that is all for now.
    Once again, we thank you all for your input and patronage.
    That’s all the happenings of April and the Hopes of May.

    Thank you for reading. We all value your continued support.
    @gLeagues – Frags can’t Lie.

    My ‘ubetcha quote’ of the Month for May, 2017:

    “You can't build a wall on the Internet.” ~ ubetcha

    ~ {EE} Stephen 'The New Guy™' Hughes, Jr.
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