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eFPS HL2DM Ladder Rules (Draft 1)
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    I. everythingFPS Sportsmanship

    everythingFPS competitive play is based off of a tournament system which was created for players and teams to compete for fun and glory of FPS games. The tournaments are Community Tournaments and without a community we wouldn’t have tournaments to run.

    We as eFPS admins hope to bring a fun and an enjoyful atmosphere to play at. Please remember we are here to keep things organized and we manage these tournaments completely out of our own time for you as players. With that being said, it is expected that all clan/team members are fully familiar with the rules.

    Ignorance is not an excuse. All clan/team members are held responsible for the actions of their teammates. The poor decisions of one member may in some circumstances place the entire team at risk and so members are encouraged to educate their teammates on proper conduct and official tournament rules. Clans/teams and their members are required to respect the rulings of an administrator. Attempts to denigrate an administrator will result in a season long suspension of your clan/team.

    All rulings are final. Play fair and have fun.

    II. [ Pre-Game ]

    1.) Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Valve’s proprietary anti-cheat software is required in all tournament play.

    2.) Match servers must be running in “sv_pure 1” mode (using a custom server-side Source Mod to effectively enforce sv_pure 2) during all tournament matches. Pure status can be checked in the console upon server join or map change.

    3.) Teams MUST play on an official eFPS Server. If a match is played on a non eFPS Server even upon agreement of both teams, then the match will be nullified.

    4.) Official eFPS Server List: - Denver, USA - Denver, USA - St. Louis, USA - New Jersey, USA - Frankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany

    5.) Players are allotted 10 minutes after the scheduled match time to join their designated game server and ‘ready up,’ and both players may receive up to 5 minutes ‘wait-time’ in between rounds.

    6.) Finally both teams should check server settings to verify that they are correct. If no objections are raised during this time then neither team may dispute the settings during or after the match. By joining the server and starting the match you agree to the settings as they stand.

    7.) Pings: With a diverse group of players from different locations we do our best to match up players on the servers that are most acceptable for ping, please see the chart as follows:
    - US vs US: Each player will pick a server. The server they pick they will play their opponents map choice. The player with the most overall frags can pick the 3rd round server.
    - EU vs EU: ALL rounds played on Frankfurt, Germany
    - US East vs EU: Each player will pick a server. The server they pick they will play their opponents map choice. The player with the most overall frags can pick the 3rd round server.
    - US West vs EU: All rounds to be played on New Jersey, USA
    - AUS vs US: All rounds to be played on Denver, USA
    - AUS vs EU: ALL rounds played in St. Louis, USA

    8.) Map Pool(s) & Selection Procedures:
    Maps for this Ladder are grouped into two different categories: Primary Maps & Tie-Breaker Maps

    This Ladder uses a Positive-Map-Pick (+mp) system; the Challenging player chooses their Primary Map and Tie-Breaker Map when issuing a Challenge Ticket. The Defender would then select their own respective Map-picks when accepting a given challenge ticket. In the event of a given match requiring a third (Tie-breaking) round in order to decide the winner, whichever player that has a higher "Frag-Count" – or overall combined score from the previous rounds played – would be the one to select which of the (2) Tie-breaker maps (from the challenge-ticket) that is to be played for the final round.

    The current map-pool for Primary-Maps:

    The current map-pool for Tie-Breaker Maps:

    9.) Tie-breaking procedures:
    Single-Round - In the event of a Tie-Round (where both scores of the respective players is the same value,) the player which scores the final-frag of a given round earns a technical "0.1" frag and would be the winner of said round.

    Scoring - The player scoring the last 'positive-scoring' frag in a given round is considered to be the (0.1) frag-awarded player who would win an otherwise tied round. A suicide or negative (-1) frag is generally ignored with regards to strictly tie-breaker scoring procedures; however, players should take the following hypothetical into consideration: In a given map/round, ‘Player A’ has scored a frag but is still losing by a single frag to ‘Player B;’ as such, should ‘Player B’ subsequently suffer a suicide – thereby invoking a (-1) frag and establishing a tie-score – then ‘Player A’ would be technically ‘leading’ said map/round, and if no other scoring takes places, then ‘Player A’ would win the map/round.

    III. [ In-Game ]

    Once everyone is ready to play you start up the cfg by typing “!start dickbutt”
    1.) Match play has begun once the countdown runs out.

    2.) If a server crashes before 2 minutes have been completed the server must be restarted and the score should revert to 0-0. In the event of a second crash or continuing difficulties and an alternate server will need to be used and directed by an eFPS admin. If the server crashes after the 2 minute mark the match will be played out with the remaining time and current scores prior to crash. Players caught purposefully causing a server crash to reset a losing score or position will face a match overturn and suspension.

    3.) Physics Lock - Players are not allowed to intentionally use a physics lock. A physics lock is when a large number of physics objects are touching each other and the engine treats them as a single object often to reduce server load. This is often used to block passages permanently.

    4.) Out Of Bounds - A player who ends up in an out of bounds area on a map (via a physics glitch or from enemy fire) must immediately return to the legal area. If this is not possible due to clipping issues or should a player end up trapped outside of the playable area of a map they are required to immediately suicide and continue the round. Failing to suicide promptly in this situation or remaining outside of the map or in an illegal area in order to wait out the clock will result in a match overturn. Purposefully attaining an illegal area or escaping the map will also result in a match overturn.

    5.) Scripting - Players are not permitted to use scripts to perform in game techniques of any sort nor are they allowed to assign more than one gameplay function to a given key or button via the command. The server cvar sv_allow_wait_command must be set to "0" at all times during match play (as set in the match.cfg) and can be tested by typing "wait" in console if set correctly to 0 the wait will generate an error message. Players who are caught scripting will be suspended for the duration of an investigation conducted by the league/ladder admins and could be possibly banned from all future play.

    6.) Modified Files - Match servers must be running in sv_pure 1 or 2 mode which forces all model sound texture skin and associated files to be loaded from the steam gcf/vpk files. The only modified files that will be allowed are those involving the resource folder (crosshairs / clientscheme) and the cfg folder (aka “configs.”)

    7.) Server Settings - Server settings are not allowed to be changed during mid-map. If a variable is found to be incorrect (such as the timelimit) then the server admin may perform a ‘pause’ to stop the match alert the other team and change the setting. No settings will be allowed to be changed without this procedure.

    6.) Lag - If the server becomes extremely laggy for a period of time over 3 minutes the match must be stopped unless both teams agree to continue playing. If they don’t agree then an admin needs to be contacted to restart the server.

    7.) At no time can there be spectators for a match unless it is an admin or authorized stream-caster. No player can refuse to be spectated or ‘streamed’ by authorized staff while they play any given match. No players are allowed to join or spectate via any SourceTV server.

    8.) Pause - To pause a match simply type pause in console. A team cannot pause more than 3 times during a match. If a team is caught abusing pause rules it is an automatic disqualification.

    9.) Half Time: After finishing the first round of the match players are allowed an optional 5 minute break. If a team fails to show up in the designated server or fails to return after the 5 minute break the team still present will be awarded the win.

    IV. Disputes

    If you are filing a dispute of the match then you need to send the dispute via the dispute-system present here at gLeagues. If necessary please provide links to screenshots or recordings of proof of what you are disputing.

    At any time during your dispute the administrator may ask for screenshots and/or recordings. If they fail to have these items then the dispute can be nullified.

    Disputes will be handled by the ladder staff and/or website administrators and can take up to a week for a final decision to be made.

    Any decision made by an admin on a dispute is final. Any further arguments may result in other consequences. [We'll expand on this after a discussion, yeah.]

    V. Closing

    All pictures on the everythingFPS website including the official Tournament logos are the property of and may not be reproduced modified or transmitted in any form or manner without permission from the director or managing administrator of the tournament.

    We here at the everythingFPS would like to wish all the clans and teams to have fun and the best of luck in all their matches!
    All league rules are subject to change at any time.

    ~ {EE} Stephen 'The New Guy™' Hughes, Jr.
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    Where can I find the dispute systems? I want to open a dispute, but I can not find where to write it.

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    There should be a red dispute button on the right side of the match you wish to dispute.

    If you've accepted a challenge or issued a challenge since that match was reported, the option is disabled.

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    I do not have a dispute button, so I wrote in the comment.

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